You Mock Me?

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Though anti-bullying campaigns have their merit, they won’t defeat bullying themselves.

Unfortunately, bullying has been around for ages (since Cain killed Abel, actually.) The silver lining here? There are ways to turn bullying on its head that anybody can do. Take note: There isn’t an immediate fix. You may even need to get a little thick-skinned in the process. That being said, here are a few things you can do to make a difference when you’re in the hot seat.

Shrug it off and change the subject

That’s right, when you’re someone’s scapegoat for a joke, shrug your shoulders and make your best attempt to change the conversation. If your called out, no worries. Give full disclosure and make sure they know you’re changing the subject. A good shrug usually does the trick though. It shows your indifference and even a little confidence.

Read Luke 8:49-56

God incarnate was laughed at by a large crowd. Many of us would buckle to that kind of pressure, especially about anything faith-related. Jesus shows us a good example of what to do when you’re laughed at. Drum roll please…


Trying to curb the bullying will often times just fuel your accusers. Instead, move on quickly and exercise your faith. Keep going and don’t stop till you’ve reached your goal.

In Luke’s account, Jesus was laughed at because he was bold enough to say a dead girl was only asleep when most people clearly saw her lifelessness. The thing is, God will occasionally ask us to execute tasks that seem senseless on the surface when they’re actually miracles waiting to happen.

When you’re laughed at, take comfort. God himself was laughed at by his own people and yet he kept going. He showed the whole crowd a dead girl could come back to life. God can and will give you vindication just like this situation.

Shrug it off, never give up, and prove the crowd wrong!