What We Should Know About The End Times


It’s a bright morning, blankets of clouds are holding the sun up and the car is heating up nicely. Its 16 degrees and you’re sipping on your to-go cup racing to get to work on time. You’re careful and used to it, hardly ever waking up when you’re supposed to. You pick up your cell phone to skip tracks and your awareness slips through cracks for what seemed like a moment.

Ding.. ding.. ding.. The car door hangs open, you feel dizzy… almost like you’re floating in space. You look up, past the blood dripping down your face, a semi-trailer is jack-knifed in the ditch ahead of you. You blink but your view trickles into darkness.

The End is a Constant

Dramatic, I know. Isn’t that how bad things happen though? They almost never happen when you expect them to. The fact is, the end is near, and it always has been. Jesus talked about it in this way to his disciples. You do not know what tomorrow will bring, plain and simple. Do not live as if you will wake up tomorrow, you may not!

Jesus foreshadows this same pattern for our lives is shared by the world as a whole (Matthew 24). Things will inevitably be over and he will reveal himself to all, confirming all of the witnesses of his work throughout history. The thing is, no one knows when that time will be. In the mean time, be ready.

Be Certain of Trouble

In Matt 24:3-14, Jesus describes all sorts of troubles we’ll face, and he even says things will get much worse than we expect! Even now, much of what he describes is happening. War, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, shootings, terrorism, riots and more have all happened in the last 5 years. Will we be ready if death knocks at your door?

The Reward is Worth the Pain

“And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” Jesus said in Matt 24:12-13. Essentially, the importance of heaven can easily be washed away by what we see in front of us.

God is warning you and I that things are going to reach a new level, one we aren’t familiar with. It will be easier than ever to want to give up, to drop your faith like a bad habit. As you might be learning, much of your faith in God is about endurance, rather than huge moments of break through for your personal agenda. This can be a big pill, hard to swallow, but it can also be reassuring.

If you already know the path ahead is filled with danger, you can win by preparation. Remember, the end is a constant. Whether its five minutes from now or 100 years, don’t take tomorrow for granted.

Be grateful with what you have and always be ready. God bless.