Read and Study the Bible Online

According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users around the world will shoot past 2 billion in 2016. Can you believe that? Two billion people will have the entire vastness of the knowledge of man right at their finger tips. We are in the information age, possibly the greatest time to be alive in our history. One of the coolest parts about that is having your bible right on your phone, whenever you need it, for free. You no longer have to carry around books, they’re becoming digital fast.

The most prominent part of having God’s word is the ability to access it all the time, anywhere we go. We can literally research any topic that arises, discover what God has said about it, and how we should approach it. There were men in the past who would have killed each other to access information like we can now. One of the biggest parts about growing in your relationship with God is gaining the wisdom from the past.

When you read your bible, you’re reading a historical, poetic, and prophetic writing. It’s necessary to study the prophetic aspect with Jesus because his teaching will grant you access to heaven as well as reshape your life for the better. You’ll want to study the history because the prophetic will make more sense when you do as well as the poetic.

I think the biggest problem we face now is consistency or faithfulness. The walls of restricted access that have held us back from many opportunities have fallen for many different activities. The problem is, many of us just can’t stick with it. The things we’re sticking with are the things we want to stop doing.

“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15)

Recognize that you’re not alone in this vicious cycle of habit, the Apostle Paul faced the same kind of affliction and he’s the writer of much of the New Testament of the Bible. The fact is, you’ve got to initiate small steps in your life to take, one at a time. In order to get on track with your reading, try reading for small increments of time once or twice a day, don’t go too hard though, you might burn out.

When I first became a Christian 7 years ago, I didn’t have access to the same kind of tools I do now but I wish I had. There have been troubles that could of been completely avoided from a quick but simple study on my bible app.

The goal has always been The Great Commission since Jesus finished what He came to do. Now that we have this limitless kind of access, we have got to do our best, working together, to spread the Good News. At the end of the day, your personal testimony with tools like smartphones can change the world. Don’t doubt that for even a second.