God Uses Broken Things

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She’s 15 but she’s already pregnant. He’s 16 and he’s already a father. He’s 26 and has a serious heroine addiction. She’s a 24 year old single mother working the corner to pay the rent. He’s 35 in an unhappy marriage, having an affair. She’s 31 and having her third abortion. These are all people God loves and forgives. God fixes broken things.

Cited in the book of Mark, chapter two, verse 11, Jesus plainly states “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Contrary to what a large amount of people think or feel, God is not one to pick the people who have their life together. Be careful though, God takes broken things and repairs them, don’t judge someone who seems to have everything together. Take, for example, a godly man in history named David.

He was a shepherd boy who later in his life became the King of Israel. Its estimated that around the age of 15, David fights the Philistine warrior Goliath. Back in those days, armies chose their best warriors and had them fight rather than having their entire army fight. David was a young boy and Goliath was a huge, hardened warrior, and yet, Goliath fell to David by a sling.

David defended God. As Goliath slandered all of Israel, God included, David stood up for what and who he believed in. Interestingly enough, David later becomes king and is actually unfaithful to his wife!

You must realize, even people that seem to love God will make stupid mistakes. Understand, people will always have their shortcomings, and God loves to be involved with broken people. All throughout the verses of bible you will find people with brokenness and pain, much like you and I might experience even today. Don’t be afraid to involved with God because you might not feel good enough. You are.

Although this is just a church website, God can use any source to make an impact on your life. Here’s a story from one of my acquaintances:

“When I was at that fragile age of 16 my mom would drag me to church week after week to no avail. I hated everything there was to hate about church. The smell, the pews, the people, everything except the breakfast afterwards was terrible. I’m eternally grateful now, though. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything. My sister attended a different church and had been bugging me about it week after week for a few months, I finally budged. That Sunday I gave my life to the Lord like I had never done. I actually meant it, I wanted to change my life to honor God. Ever since then I’ve never been the same. I see my prayers answered, I see peoples lives restored, and I slowly unravel the mystery of that change in me as I grow older. Boy, am I glad I went to church that Sunday. I was broken but it was okay.”

God fixes broken things.