Finding the Path to a Happy Family

A happy life seems to be the most elusive thing known to man. Everybody wants one and only a few appear to ever get one. There are five things that when in order give the best chance of living a happy life. Remember, afflictions are always going to be with us just the same as blessings. Here’s a good methodology to go by:


You’ll want God to be the first and foremost, your top priority. Don’t say you already knew that; it’s easier said than done. There’s a few things you want to stay consistent with.

  • Read your bible as often as you can and do in depth studies on occasion. Your bible is a direct connection with God as the gospels are the very essence of why we have faith in God.
  • Pray constantly, all day, all the time. God is never far away. He is aware of all of your prayers and needs as well as desires. Talk to God formally and informally, in worship and in requests. Don’t be shy about why you have faith. Love God and be yourself.


You want your marriage to be next in line. Do your best to love your spouse as much as you love yourself. Wives, your husband will feel very loved when you speak to him in a believing manner. Have faith that he has the ability to take care of you. Husbands, love your wives as God has loved you, make sacrifices for them.

Communication is the top priority in a marriage. Not what you say necessarily but the intentions behind what you say and even more importantly, how you say what you do can dramatically effect your quality of life. Remember, treat people how you yourself would like to be treated.


You obviously have to make money in order to sustain life and survive. This is a big one in today’s day and age, the age of information. Large companies giving lots of benefits and pensions are slipping away quickly. Find something you enjoy doing that you can build into something great.

Throughout the Gospels Jesus gives an ultimatum; You love God or you love money. Don’t live your life with money being your only means to contentment because it will never work. God is the only source of real satisfaction due to the very apparent biological limitations we face and His infinite nature(captain obvious over here). Work toward something, don’t just go work for the sake of getting a day off.


You’ve got to be a part of a movement. A ministry that moves is a God ordained one. If a church stays the same for too long it is not a good sign, keep that in mind if you don’t currently have a church you regularly attend.


Don’t get lost in all of the above and forget to have to bond with a select few individuals you would lay your life down for. Friends are necessary to help keep you level headed. Don’t forget though, they come last in the last.

God bless.