Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can you make us look like another website?

A: Not really. Use the Carpenter’s Path website as your example. In order to keep costs as low as they are, we have to cut back on customized coding. If you agree to a Carpenter’s Path website but then point to another site and say, “But we want to look like this,” it may be a Carpenter’s Path site isn’t a good fit for you.

Q: Do you offer email with Carpenter’s Path sites?

A: No. We recommend a powerful, inexpensive solution from Microsoft. They also offer free 24/7 phone support, which our customers love. Compare plans..

Q: If we don’t have a domain name yet, can you help us find one?

A: Yes, absolutely. Domain names may be secured and held for $19/domain/year. We can help you find one and secure it for you.

Q: After the initial setup and launch, can we ask you to make our updates for us?

A: Yes. Our hourly maintenance services are available upon request. Our billing rate is $125/hour, charged by the quarter hour. So if your updates take us seven minutes or less, there is no charge. If they take us 8-15 minutes, you’ll be charged $31.25, and so on.

Q: Can you help us market our new Carpenter’s Path website to the search engines so we rank locally?

A: YES. We’re pros at this. Here are some case studies for our past clients.

Q: Do I need to supply my own pictures for a Carpenter’s Path site? I really like the pictures you have in place already.

A: Yes, you will either need to supply your own pictures (the most popular option) or we can help you purchase them through istock.com.

Q: We don’t have anything written. Can you write our site copy for us?

A: Yes, we can put you in contact with one of our talented writers. They will interview you to learn more about your organization and provide you an estimate for producing your copy, based upon your specifications.

Q: This all sounds great! What do we do if have more questions or we’re ready to get started?

A: You may fire any additional questions our way or being the ordering process by clicking on the button below!

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