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  • Can One Man Make A Difference?

    Can One Man Make A Difference?

    Computers and iPhones, self-driving vehicles, and much more society-shaping technology exists at this very moment. This church website is possible because certain individuals worked to change the world around them. Think about some of the men and women who have shaped our society today. How did they do it? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, […]

  • What We Should Know About The End Times

    What We Should Know About The End Times

    It’s a bright morning, blankets of clouds are holding the sun up and the car is heating up nicely. Its 16 degrees and you’re sipping on your to-go cup racing to get to work on time. You’re careful and used to it, hardly ever waking up when you’re supposed to. You pick up your cell […]

  • Bible Verses About God Being With Us

    Bible Verses About God Being With Us

    You’ve got bills to pay, and you can’t help but wonder how to do it or where the money will come from. You’re having relational troubles and wonder if things will ever be made right again. We face all kinds of trouble and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like God is standing by our side. […]

  • 10 Ways To Help Others That Will Lead You

    10 Ways To Help Others That Will Lead You

    There are two kinds of mentors: the ones you know and the ones you want to know. You want to be a good pupil to the mentors you may already have but you also want mentors at a higher level. It is very important to be picky with the people you confide in. Do not–I […]

  • You Mock Me?

    You Mock Me?

    Though anti-bullying campaigns have their merit, they won’t defeat bullying themselves. Unfortunately, bullying has been around for ages (since Cain killed Abel, actually.) The silver lining here? There are ways to turn bullying on its head that anybody can do. Take note: There isn’t an immediate fix. You may even need to get a little […]

  • What Should You Know About Perfect Life

    It’s no secret that a large opinion of Christians is a negative one. There is an overwhelming sense that they are a hypocritical, judgmental group of people. It’s no wonder a lot of people don’t want to attend church. If they have questions they can easily go to Google and find church websites or informational […]

  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Prayer

    1. There’s No On-Demand Service Although Jesus himself stated our prayers could move mountains figuratively and literally, that doesn’t mean we have God on speed dial doing things out our every whim. He loves us and cares for us but He is not under our control. We can’t give God orders and be upset when […]

  • Finding the Path to a Happy Family

    A happy life seems to be the most elusive thing known to man. Everybody wants one and only a few appear to ever get one. There are five things that when in order give the best chance of living a happy life. Remember, afflictions are always going to be with us just the same as […]

  • A sermon is an oration by a member of the clergy

    Curabitur eu nibh vehicula, convallis justo in, pharetra odio. Ut erat est, gravida eget elementum eu, accumsan sed diam. In eget diam diam. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Sed lacus tortor, semper rhoncus dui nec, facilisis placerat dui. Pellentesque ac mi viverra, cursus lacus nec, pulvinar libero. […]

  • Remember, Life in a Beautiful Light

    There is no question most of us want to look back on our lives and be glad at what we’ve achieved. So, why do we constantly put our aspirations off till tomorrow? Bronnie Ware wrote her book Top Five Regrets of The Dying with her experience as a palliative nurse. She wrote compelling information she’d […]