Can One Man Make A Difference?

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Computers and iPhones, self-driving vehicles, and much more society-shaping technology exists at this very moment. This church website is possible because certain individuals worked to change the world around them.

Think about some of the men and women who have shaped our society today. How did they do it? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bill Graham, Joyce Meyer, and many others. What is different about these people, how were they able to achieve what they did?

There is a couple of things you and I can do to really make an impact. After all, history tells us Jesus might not have started his ministry until he was in his 30’s! Some things require growth over time.

1. Step by Step

Not all, but many great things explode into our view after they’ve been in-the-works for X amount of time. A lot of times big things happen because of tons of small day to day decisions though. This is why so many people may never change the world, they can’t maintain steady progress.

But, you can, with God.

Remember that saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, unfortunately, its sort of true. I think most of the time the saying is used as a discouraging remark though, don’t take it that way. Things take time but steady progress soon becomes success! There is certainly nothing wrong with being good at what you do, don’t think for a second its wrong to pursue success in life.

2. The Good News

Have you noticed all of the times God asks us to repent, or have you seen ministers uttering those words? Repentance simply means change, that’s what God is all about. Should you decide to make changes in your life to improve its quality or strive for a huge goal a little at a time, God is with you every step of the way, smiling.

Nothing is worse than feeling stuck when we have a God who’s created us with his very breath. Believe you can do it, and it shall be done! No jokes or gimmicks here, Jesus spoke in this way. You’ll find in Matthew 21:22 he says, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Now ask yourself, what would you be capable of if you really believed?

3. The Hardest Part

The most difficult part can often be… starting. There is a long list of unknowns waiting on the other side of some key decisions you need to make to change things. It can be really scary to change any part of ourselves in order to make progress toward our dreams.

A helpful strategy to knock these jitters away is to think about it in a specific way. Ready? Read slowly and be ready to execute the technique.

Flip the fear on its head. Be afraid to be afraid.

If you’re nervous about making a phone call, think about what might happen if you don’t. Be afraid of what may never happen. Let mediocrity be your biggest fear and you’ll find yourself making a difference.