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A Carpenter’s Path Overview

The Problem

If you’re like many churches, you don’t have the staff or expertise to build an attractive, secure and professional-grade website. As a result, your website may be out-of-date, unappealing, or just plain “out of order”. By getting your own Carpenter’s Path website, you can look good, reach your audience, and make a dent in the universe for God’s Kingdom.

Our Solution

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By going with a Carpenter’s Path website, you’re building your church’s digital marketing foundation upon solid rock. Your church website is based on the world-famous WordPress platform (short learning curve and easy to use) and is backed by over 20 years of web and marketing experience through Dreamscape Multimedia (now known as Levaire.)


Getting Started

First, look around the Carpenter’s Path website, carpenterspath.com. It is a working example of what your church website will look like. (Remember, we’ll be changing the logo, images and text to your own.)

Next–using the Contact button below–let us know you’re interested in getting started. We’ll answer any questions and help you determine if a Carpenter’s Path website is right for your church.

Finally, we’ll set up your account and begin customizing your new site to your liking. It’s that simple.

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Don’t let your ministry promote poor quality.
Take the Carpenter’s Path.


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Disclaimer – Any media (photo, video, etc.) used in previews or demos for this church website design will need to be replaced or licensed separately.